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CINEMA TICK TACK is a non-for profit videoplatform that screens moving image works into the public space, daily from Sunset until 01:00 AM.
The CINEMA faces the tram stop and historic landscape park ‘De Harmonie’, thereby reaching numerous passersby and commuters on a daily basis.
Besides this, the works are exclusively made available through the Livestream on our website, daily from sunset until sunrise.

Each donation helps to share video art with diverse audiences providing varied, exclusive and cutting-edge content by young, upcoming and internationally established artists and collectives.

Your support is used to cover the participating artist fees. By donating you contribute directly to the artists and content of TICK TACK.

In return for your donation, you receive a custom package existing of limited edition works, exhibition catalogs as well as personal invitations for exclusive events like artist-guided tours. Donate today to receive your custom package.

These public screening sessions with fair artist fees are only possible with your contribution.

Thanks for your support!
Warm regards